82 for Woods sends him rock bottom


The winter break is always a disappointing time for golf writers like myself because, well, there is nothing to write about. But of course the 2015 season has already given us a whirl wind of results with Martin Kaymer losing a ten shot lead at the Abu Dhabi Championship. But an event took place yesterday that has never happened before . The former world number 1 and 14 time major champion, Tiger Woods, shot his worse round as a professional ever. A second round of 82 puts him in last place in a 132 player field at the Phoenix Open this week.

Woods finished 11 over-par for his round and shot a catastrophic 44 for his opening nine holes and never looked like coming back from it.

Tiger has come under great scrutiny over the past few years with many of his critics saying the end of the road is near for the highly controversial golfer. If he is playing or if he is taking time off Woods can never seem to keep himself out of the media’s attention. But this time he was in the media’s eye for his poor golf. There is no surprise the main reason for the former world number 1’s downfall this week was his driving. Woods has always been a big hitter and there is no doubt he puts everything behind drives but direction has never been his strongest point.

Woods started on the back nine and started well with a solid par on his first hole (10th). But as he pulled out his driver on the 11th the resulting shot was inevitable. He found himself up against a tree and was lucky to walk on to the next tee with just a bogey. He then followed this up with a double bogey at the par 4 14th due a penalty drop from an unplayable lie.

Things went from bad to worse for the 14 time major winner as he followed his double bogey at the 14th with a triple bogey at the par 5 15th as he found the water off the tee due to yet another bad drive.

Since he parted from his illustrious coach Sean Foley and made the switch to Chris Como his former has dipped dramatically. His last two events have been two to forget after he finished both stone dead last. Woods has trained with some of the biggest names in golf and each time has gone from strength to strength. But has he changed his swing one time too many? His recent results certainly say he has but after his recent back surgery he was never going to come straight back into the game and play at the top level, no player would ever be able to do so, not even Tiger. It is obvious things have changed for Tigers swing, he is cleaning through his back swing and keeps his posture perfectly throughout his swing. This swing will become the one to watch this season. There is nothing wrong with his swing and never has been. The problem is and always has been Tiger’s emotions. He wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to show the viewers what he is thinking. This however in a game of tolerance and patience does not help your cause or performance. After a bad shot, the reactions he gives are not ones you want to see. Frustration and anger take over Woods quite easily. I don’t think his swing is an issue at all, he has one of the best swings on tour, even among some of the present greats. With Woods it is all psychological, if he has one good win at the start of this 2015 campaign, he will dominant throughout.


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