The only way is down for Tiger


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Tiger Woods is arguably one of the best golfers and sportsman of all time. He has won a total of 79 PGA Tournaments and has won a total of 14 majors. But with both records there is always someone who has accompished more. Sam Snead holds the record for most career PGA Tour wins, with 82 and the legendary Jack Nicklaus holds the record for most career major wins, with 18.

People all over the world including Golf commentators, critics and general fans always refer to these two records when the question of ‘Is Tiger Woods the best golfer ever?’ arises. But every one forgets about the numerous records that Woods has already acquired. The following records are just a small portion of what he has already achieved:

1.Woods has the lowest career scoring average in PGA Tour history.

2. He is the only player to win all four majors in on season (2000-2001). This is now called the ‘Tiger Slam’.

3.Woods has won a record 26.2% of his professional starts on the PGA Tour. (79 out of 301).

4.The former world number 1 set the all time record for most consecutive cuts made, with 142.

The main question people ask when talking about Tiger Woods is ‘Is he the best player ever?’ But no one asks the question ‘Is he already the best player ever?’ With all these records that are already under his belt, why can’t he have this honourable status. His list of achievements is endless.

On the other hand, there is always one thing that keeps him from attaining this status is his personal life. They collide dramatically. Even more so that his personal life distracts everyone from the skills he has to offer on the course. After his double life was finally revealed to the world in 2008, he has since slowly declined in form and drive. He has come under great scrutiny for the life he led away from the cameras. Woods was a dominant force for many years and was admired by millions around the world. Now not so much.

After a recurring back injury, Woods underwent surgery earlier this year and a huge amount to the start of the season. This back problem has since forced him out of many tournaments and is one of the reasons for his recent absence from the game.

The main question we all want to be answered at this current point in the golfing world, is. ‘Will Tiger Woods beat both Sam Snead’s record and Jack Nicklaus’ record to become the greatest golfer to have ever played?’ Tiger Woods is now under pressure to answer this question positively, especially with the introduction of Rory Mcilroy.

The Northern Irishman burst onto the scene at exactly the right time. He was introduced into the golfing world in 2008 and began his uprise in 2009 when Woods began his downfall. Mcilroy has stolen the headlines from anyone this year with his two major wins and numerous other tour wins. With the world number 1 in such immaculate form and other players beginning their assault on the golfing world, is there any room for Woods in this industry? Does he stand a chance against these players who are improving daily? And where does he draw the line and accept that maybe he won’t get any further?



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