Golf’s bleak future


There are many words you can use to describe golf and all of them vary depending on who is describing the sport. As a golfer you would describe the sport as exciting, historical, challenging and addictive to name a few. For the non-golfers describing golf you will find more negative than positive responses. These negative responses over power the positive and ultimately give golf a bad reputation. This is the source of the decline in interest of the sport and thus means a dying sport.

For the non-golfers all they see is a bunch of grown men hitting a ball around a field and trying their best to get it in a hole. But their experiences derives from one round of golf with mates on a works day out. We all know how they end up.

First time players don’t appreciate the time and effort needed to become a half decent golfer never mind a professional. They believe if they aren’t good at it first time then it must be a boring and stupid sport.

I find golf is just too good. It is so mentally draining and frustrating from beginning to end people simply can’t hack it. Those who say golf is bad are just not up for the challenge. But because there are more quitters than winners in the world there are less golfers. People of the 21st century want everything handed to them on a plate and believe they can either build something or pay someone to do it for them. This won’t work if you play golf. You need to be both mentally and physical strong. In the past 10 years all professional golfers have tried to make golf better and encouraged people who play the sport to do more off the course than on. Fitness plays a major part in the golf these days and aspiring golfers see this commitment and commit themselves. But as aforementioned the sad truth about the world is three quarters of the global population are extremely lazy and sport in general is on the decline not just golf.


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