A day in the life of a caddy



image (1)image (8) A 6:30 AM was not what I had in my mind on a Monday morning but nevertheless  this early start is necessary for any caddy at any level. However, I took a more laid  back approach to the job and simply went to the 2014 Open Regional Qualifier to  carry the Pro’s clubs. A bleak start to the day was soon uplifted as we drove along  the motorway singing Stereophonics – Dakota and my personal favourite Aretha    Franklin – Natural Woman. After warming up our vocal chords it was time to get  down to business as we arrived at Little Aston Golf Club on the outskirts of  Birmingham. The narrow road leading up to the course had some sights that for me  are not common at all. Monumental houses were positioned on either side of the  road with walls and gateways guarding the front of each.

image (2) We arrived with time to spare and made our way down to the range for some last  minute practice. 8.50 was the tee off time for Sam and I alongside another  professional and an Amateur off +3. Perfect conditions for those starting their  rounds in the early hours of  the day with cooler temperatures and no wind at all.  The greens were quick and rolling true which caused a  lot of problems for many of the competitors with  most lucky to walk off the green with a two putt. The  fairways were firm allowing the players to have a lot more run on their drives. Thus making the holes  shorter and leaving the players with a more inviting approach shot.

image (3) For myself as a bystander it was nice to watch to watch some real golf being played  rather than the golf I  normally play. Sam had a decent start with a few pars but came across a rough patch in the middle of his round. After a few consolidating words and a few private lessons along the way from myself he soon found his rhythm to finish strong, but not strong enough. As the day progressed it was visible to see the heat became a big factor on the performance of those playing. It also became a problem for myself as well carrying the bag in that heat. But I decided to stop being a wimp and soldier on.

image (5) With not much to play for we decided to hand in the scorecard and head straight  home,  but we of course stopped on the way home for a cheeky Pizza Hut.  Probably not a proper day in the life of a caddy but my experience of
anything is pretty laid back.image (6)


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