Tiger is a no show for Masters

Tiger Woods

When I was reading about Tiger withdrawing from the Masters next week I was just waiting for the article to finish with ‘April Fools.’ He couldn’t have picked a better day to tell the world he will be missing from the biggest golfing major in the world. The Masters starts next week and has been on the players minds for months now, with players winning their maiden titles and gaining a place in their first Masters. But that has not been the talking point. With Woods being riddled with injuries and withdrawing from the majority of events this year such as the Arnold Palmer Invitational Open, it was always likely that this was going to happen. No one really knew the severity of Tiger’s situation and thought that all these excuses were just a cover up for his bad performances.

Tiger Woods has appeared in every Masters tournament since 1995. This impressive run is soon to end as the World Number 1 underwent surgery on Monday on a Pinched Nerve. A herniated disc was pressing against a nerve, causing pain and spasms. Tiger has always been tormented by continuous back problems and it was a matter of time before it forced him out of the majors.

The American golfing legend hopes to be back to his best in not time and hopes the rest and rehabilitation will get him back to his best and back to his winning ways.


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