Are we still living in the 1750s?


260 years have passed and gender equality still plays a part in golf and within the grounds of the most famous golf club in the world. The prestigious golf club is the home of golf and sets an example for the rest, but in this case it is the wrong example. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club in St Andrews has been in the firing line in recent years for their ban on women and has come under extreme pressure to lift this ruling. With the committee strongly in favour of lifting the ban all they need now is the backing of the members. Hence why they have recently written to its 2,400 members for their support.

With the course still living in the 1750s, what else is still living in the 1750s? Well, the clubhouse of course. The clubhouse does not allow women to enter the premises other than for ‘Lady Guests Dinner Nights.’ A club that was the starting point for golf and influences golf clubs all over the world still can’t seem to grasp the concept of equality.

The R&A is the governing body for golf outside of Mexico and the US as well as being the organiser for the British Open. The vote will take place on the 18th September and requires two-thirds of the members to vote for the ban to be lifted.

August 2012 was the turning point for golf in America when the Augusta National Golf Club most famous for being the host for the Masters lifted the ban and invited the former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore to join.

I personally can not believe it has taken this long for the R&A to even consider removing the ban. We live in the 21st century, why don’t they? This relates to my post last week on ‘Is golf a dying sport’, where by the only way golf can progress and gain popularity is to encourage every one to play not stop or hinder them from doing so. I would also like to put emphasis on the ‘260 years’ it has taking for this ruling to be removed. What have they been doing for 26o years?


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