Mcilroy’s second uprising


Rory Mcilroy defied all odds to win the Australian Open on the weekend and finally show us that the class he possessed before the 2013 season is still well in his grasp. After an extremely tough year for the young Northern Irishman, Mcilroy has got his first title of the year.

After withdrawing from the Honda classic earlier this year with tooth ache, things just seemed to progressively get worse for the former world number 1. Critics claimed that his withdrawal was merely down to the difficulties he found whilst adjusting to his new equipment. After the Honda classic critics continued to terrorize Mcilroy’s disappointing run of form and began to not only blame Mcilroy’s equipment but also his love life which was clear to see was having a negative affect on Rory.

However, all golfers, all sportsmen and sportswomen go through tough periods in their careers but all seem to come out good on the other side. Mcilroy trailed by four shots going into the final day with Mcilroy and Scott going head-to-head with the rest of the leader board trailing by a substantial amount. Scott stayed ahead throughout until the home stretch which saw him slip up on the 72nd hole, where an incorrect club selection saw his ball sail over the green and subsequently saw him finish with a bogey on the final hole. This opened the door wide open for Mcilroy to finish with a birdie and win by one shot ahead of the disappointed Australian.

Mcilroy said at the end of the round, “It’s been a frustrating year but I’ve worked hard and it’s been a process, trying to get back to winning golf tournaments, and it was nice to do that today. I just sort of stayed patient, I knew that anything can happen on this golf course, if you just hit it into a tricky spot like Adam did on 18. Luckily I was just able to make that putt at the end when I needed it. It’s a very prestigious tournament and I am honoured to have my name on the trophy. I’m sure there is a lot of proud people who watched that today.”

(Italic writing was a quote I found from sky sports news.)


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