Vijay the unlikely villain.


Vijay Singh has been an idol to young and old for many years. People look up to him like they would for any other pro golfer like Tiger Woods and John Daly. But Vijay Singh has chosen the same path of these two controversial stars as he has been found taking a prohibited substance. Tiger Woods is not only known for his golf but also for his sex scandal in 2009, similar to John Daly as he struggled with alcoholism in the early 90’s.

The US Tour has repeatedly warned players  against using sprays made by a company called SWATS – Sports with Alternatives  to Steroids.
In 2011, former Open Champion Mark Calcavecchia was told to stop promoting the  product.  Sports illustrated have said that Singh paid $9,000 for the spray and has been quoted that he uses the spray every couple of hours everyday.

‘I’m looking forward to some change in my body,  Singh told the magazine. ‘It’s really hard to feel the difference if you’ve only  been doing it for a couple of months.’  US Tour vice-president Ty Votaw  admitted the tour are looking into the report.

Peoples opinions on the story have been extremely controversial in the fact some say Singh should have no special treatment and should have a severe ban, whilst others say he should carry on playing with no punishment what so ever. Now something like this should not go unpunished, I personally believe if golfers have already been warned about the product and the consequences of using the products then they should be given a punishment that will not only shock the golfer but every golfer on the tour.


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